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Ginger Bread Kisses and Christmas Wishes

Ginger Bread Kisses and Christmas Wishes

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Ginger Bread Kisses and Christmas Wishes - Adjustable Harness

All our favourite things about Christmas all rolled into one!

Our harness fabric choices include a light weight, fast drying neoprene outer.

Designed with our own hand drawn illustrations.

⁠Soft padded breathable inner airtex mesh that prevents chafing and ultimately gives your dog flexibility and comfort on their walkies.⁠ ⁠

Finished with plastic Aloise & Co branded clips (as they are lighter than metal!) and strong printed webbing.⁠

Designed with comfort style and functional fabrics in mind


Sizes below are rough guides to help you choose your dogs perfect fit. When measuring your dog please allow a couple of fingers extra width so it’s not too tight. If your dog has a lot of fur please allow for this

Care & Safety
We recommend spot clean only by hand and air dry flat to keep your harness looking great! Please ensure that the harness is safe and comfortably fitted so that it does not restrict/limit the dog’s movement or breathing. It is the customers responsibility to decide if this product is suitable for their pet.

No accessory is indestructible, therefore please check accessories regularly for wear and tear.

Thank you for shopping with us!

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