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Liberty of London - Imogen Collar

Liberty of London - Imogen Collar

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Liberty of London Imogen Dog Collar 

White florals layered on a pink background. All finished with rose gold hardware and our signature logo.

All collars are lined with webbing and finished with rose gold hardware + our signature logo.

Sizes below are rough guides to help you choose your dogs perfect fit. When measuring your collar please allow a couple of fingers extra width so it’s not too tight around your dogs neck. If your dog has a lot of fur please allow for this. 

  • XS: 8-11 inch neck
  • S: 12-14 inch neck
  • M: 14-16 inch neck
  • L: 16-20'' inch neck

Care & Safety:
We recommend spot clean only by hand and air dry flat to keep your collar looking great! Please ensure that the collar is safe and comfortably fitted so that it does not restrict/limit the dog’s movement or breathing. It is up to our customers to decide if this product is suitable for their dog.

No product is unbreakable, therefore please check product regularly for wear and tear.


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